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May. 6th, 2012

I Am Iron Man

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“Sir, you’re going to be late for your appointment,” the clipped tones of the British sounding AI Jarvis came over the speaker system. “Again.”

“What appointment?” came the tardy reply a minute later. Tony Stark was currently busying himself underneath a bright, cherry red hot-rod. He was working on the engine, or at least he had been before he came rolling out from underneath the front end. He stared up at the roof accusatory, as if Jarvis were up there somewhere physically and he could stare the AI to death.

“The one you’re late for,” the slightly caustic tones replied right on cue.

Tony sometimes wondered why he programmed Jarvis the way he had, but then he had programmed the AI to respond exactly how he wanted and if the AI didn’t then Tony would be a little disconcerted. Still, why he’d made the AI quite that sardonic Tony was still trying to figure out when the house’s security alarm suddenly went off. Tony frowned and looked up in amazement. He waited a beat before Jarvis informed him of the situation.

“Sir, intruders on property--sections 4-7, west side. They appear to be,” and Jarvis sounded oddly almost embarrassed to announce this, “heavily armed. I’m afraid there isn’t much I can do beyond notifying the police and locking down the mansion.”

Tony thought he knew why Jarvis felt embarrassed of the situation--the AI wished he could do more to protect his maker. It was an odd, but pleasant, sentiment that Tony didn’t have the time to address at the moment. He did, however, let Jarvis know there was another way he could immensely help out his creator.

“Jarvis, start IM assembly process. If they’re going to come at me with guns, I might as well defend myself properly. Load your program and standby.”

“Affirmative,” came the distant reply as Tony Stark moved towards the back of the garage. He began stripping down to full nakedness and quickly slipped on the condom-esque black wet-suit type protective under layer of his IM suit. He didn’t need the chafed skin effect the metallic suit of armor would give him if he didn’t wear something underneath, otherwise he wouldn’t bother with the annoying polymer based clothing. Plus, he really needed to stop thinking of it as a full-body condom. One of these days he wasn’t going to be able to keep in the giggles that threatened to bubble up every time he suited up and then he’d know he had truly gone insane from all this mess.

The skin-tight under layer in place, Tony stepped onto a special formation on the floor tile and initiated the armor’s assembly process onto his body by simply standing still for three seconds in the appropriate area. Without the previous voice command to Jarvis, only accessible with his specific voice patterns, the assembly wouldn’t have taken place right spot and waiting time or not. It was just all a very intricate security design to keep just anyone getting to, and into, his special armor. Jarvis also had permission to cancel the assembly at any time if he detected anything unusual with Stark’s bio scans--just in case someone got really sneaky and tried to make some sort of duplicate or something.

And the final clincher: if anything ever happened to Stark, if he were ever to die of any cause, Jarvis had standing orders to destroy the armor completely and delete--no, permanently purge--any and all IM related designs, notes, and programs on Stark’s network; then the AI would go through SI’s network and do a search for anything that might have ended up there by accident and do the same--also the internet and any viable network he could hack his way into and purge anything out there remotely related as well.

The only thing that would be left in survival to the testament of Iron Man’s existence would be the memory of the people, and Jarvis. And the AI had already sworn to Stark that if anything ever compromised his programming he would personally delete himself down to his core programming lines.

Loyalty just didn’t get any more absolute.

But all that was security measure for ifs and maybe whens if Tony didn’t destroy the suit before his death grew near on its own terms. None of that mattered at the moment, or at least not in anything other than the abstract, and either way Tony’s mind wasn’t focused on it. He had other matters to concern himself with currently.

As soon as the last piece of the suit of armor snapped into place and the helmet sealed him beneath its serene blue HUD, Tony commanded Jarvis. “Bring the vitals online for use and give me a sit-rep.”

He may not have been in the armed forces himself, but he had hung out around them long enough to pick up some of their lingo. It was useful in tight situations. And although it had only been thirty seconds, maybe a minute since Jarvis had alerted him to the danger, the situation report was important for him to orientate himself around before heading out to a very likely battlefield.

Jarvis’s clipped response sounded automated, and in fact it partially was, but the AI managed to spice it up with a little quirk to his voice anyway. “Armed forces still located in sections 4-6--section 7 forces moved into section 3-B and are making their way quickly to 3-A.” There was a pause while Tony began to form a mental vision of the security grid before he found that Jarvis had already loaded a map of the mansion on his HUD. The voice of the AI continued blithely, “I can always trap them in the work-out room while you deal with the others.”

That didn’t sound like a bad idea, Tony thought. If nothing else, when the police arrived he could have them shoot a few gas grenades in there to put the people to sleep. If they carried that sort of thing. He was pretty sure the SWAT teams would. Tony briefly wondered how Jarvis planned on luring the men to that specific room (it was along the way, but there were other areas you could pass through to get around to the living areas, too) before Tony gave the entire plan up to the very intelligent system and gave his full attention to other designs. “Do it,” Stark told his electronic friend.

A moment later, as Tony was heading outside through the car ramp exit in flight mode the AI informed its creator that the deed was done. Stark felt a small smirk tug at his lips as he briefly imagined the endeavor. Then he was focusing on his HUD and the information scrolling across.

The Iron Man flew over the Stark Mansion with rapid ease. Tony hardly had time to formulate a vague plan before he could see the very, very armed forces the security system had picked up earlier. That was within the three or so seconds it took to fly the short distance and it took Tony only another half a second to throw the vague outline out the window and decide to wing it the best he could now that he knew they had that to throw at him. Stark briefly had the thought that they had been anticipating his exit in the Iron Man suit. Then Jarvis’s accented tones came through the speakers.

“Sir, it appears they have dragon-skin armor and shoulder mounted rocket launchers.”

“Thanks, Jarvis. I hadn’t noticed.”

“Anytime, sir.”

Tony didn’t have time to scoff at Jarvis’s simple quip, because the enemy forces chose that moment to open fire on Iron Man. He angled twenty degrees north and came around to their left flank in a hurry. The quicker he could take out those rock--

“Sir! I retract my previous statement and would like to inform you that they do not have rocket launchers!” Jarvis sounded upset with himself, and a split second later, before Tony could ask what the hell the AI was talking about or Jarvis could continue on his own, Tony found out why.

There was the sound of a target lock on his suit and then the fswoosh of a RPG firing. “Make that shoulder mounted missile launchers, sir.” Jarvis finished blandly. Tony grunted his agreement and banked a hard right.

The screech of the lock failed to fade as Stark preformed evasive maneuvers, and eventually the businessman grew tired of the sound and chinned it into oblivion. The warning sign in the upper right corner of his HUD continued to flash, not helping to alleviate the annoying tension mounting up in the suit’s pilot. He needed rid of this missile now.

Tony banked another tight right and angled back towards the armed men. He continued to weave and bob across the sky in jerky movements. “Jarvis, chafes.” The steely executive announced in cool tones. A second later and the bright flashes behind Iron Man indicated the suit’s release of defensive measures. Tony dodged left this time and rounded to flank the terrorists. He watched the targeting reticule for his anti-personnel, shoulder mounted guns home in precisely and took the shots. Four went down immediately, carefully aimed projectiles bypassing the dragonskin armor completely as they found the weak spots in the designs and went straight for flesh. Four others reacted quickly enough to dive behind cover, a few shots bouncing off their dragonskin before they were completely hidden. One of them was one of the two with missile launchers.

The chafed missile was a smart bomb; the chafes merely disrupted its targeting lock, but by no means did it detonate upon the deceiving chafes. Instead it angled back around and reestablished its lock on Iron Man. Tony cursed under his breath and barely heard Jarvis’s smart aleck reply, the words lost to him while he angled back away and engaged maximum thrusters, breaking the sound barrier one point three seconds after the missile reacquired lock.

He headed out towards the ocean. Flying two meters above the waterline was a big risk, but Stark had always been a gambler. A large wake followed the gold and red armor as it streaked further out to sea.

Suddenly Iron Man put on the brakes, coming to a near instantaneous stop that sent Stark’s guts reeling out in front of him as he felt a sharp desire to dislodge his previous meal. He did gag. Spinning around quickly to face the oncoming missile didn’t help. He hovered above the water and waited two seconds for the projectile to catch up. Then his arms lifted straight out in front of him and he blasted the missile hard with double Repulsor rays. Before he even confirmed the kill, the thrusters cut off and Iron Man plummeted into the cool oceanic waters with a hissing splash.

Tony felt the double impact with a jolt; first the light contact with the water, then the heavy shockwave of the flashy explosion above siphoning down through the chilly depths. Iron Man had sunk like a rock and within seconds was already more than a hundred meters below the surface. His helmet was locked and air pressurized for sonic flight; the same principle worked for underwater although IM was hardly a diver’s suit. Before Tony could test just how far Iron Man could survive beneath the oceanic depths, the thrusters kicked back on and ol’ Shellhead rocketed back to the surface.

The gold and red form burst out of the water, sending liquid in all directions as he flew upward into the blue sky. He arced back towards the surface of the planet and headed towards home. He yet still had foes to take care of.

While Tony was evading missiles and taking an evening dip, Jarvis kept tabs on the enemy forces both through the suit’s built-in tracking systems and his uplink to the mansion’s own surveillance equipment. He followed the targets’ cautious (as well they should be) movements across Stark private grounds and provided his maker with the relevant data through the HUD’s multiuse capabilities. While he was at it the AI ran a superior hacking program to crack through the encryption modulator on their communication system. He listened to their “private” conversations and determined the most likely course of counteraction based upon this information. He relayed this data in condensed form to Tony and displayed his plan on the blue imager.

“Good job, Jarvis. One more favor,” the ‘hero’ turned businessman said as they neared the mansion, “jam their COMM and see if you can do the same to that targeting lock system.”

“Understood, sir,” Jarvis replied, and got to work before Tony had even finished speaking.

As the AI focused on his new endeavors, of which Tony had no doubt the intelligent system would complete likely in a simple manner of seconds, the businessman focused on his next endeavors. Iron Man streaked off to the front of the building and landed with a rather menacing clank of metal on pavement. He stalked the length of the luxurious driveway to the garage entrance and strode in practically the way he had flown in, with one minor detour along the way. He picked up and cradled a strange looking gun as he passed by one of the workbenches before continuing on into the rest of the mansion.

Tony knew he was going to regret what he was about to do, but he had wanted to test this device anyway and they were the ones who entered his house uninvited. Besides, it wasn’t a very vital part of the house anyway. Not like it was his room or garage or anything. And he more than had enough money to pay for the expenses afterwards.

As Tony moved through the various rooms of Stark Mansion he began to fiddle with the gun. Several pieces were either stripped off entirely and left to fall to the ground or disassembled and rearranged on the stock. Eventually the device resembled a cannon more than a gun and he connected the resultant piece to Iron Man’s forearm with a secure snap.

Aug. 16th, 2011

Grimace | Damn Paparazzi

dear_mun 005

That's nice, dear.

In the Sun

sixwordstories 001

I don't think that goes there...

Aug. 7th, 2011

In the Sun

dear_mun 004

...you gonna do something or not?


Aug. 14th, 2008

I Am Iron Man

dear_mun 003

Finish the fanfic.


Jul. 2nd, 2008

In the Sun

dear_mun 002

Congrats on the job.

I Am Iron Man

RP for luvmyblackberry:

Tony was working on the hotrod again. For the past entire week he'd been playing around with the suit, chatting with Jarvis on various ways to upgrade its components, and thinking of new gadgets to add on. The sleep deprivation was starting to show in both his appearance and the quality of his work. He snagged his finger on a jutting piece of metal and cursed quietly under his breath as he brought the finger to his mouth to suck on.

The taste of blood was bitter on his tongue, but he ignored it as he got quickly back to work. He had fixed the compression problem in cylinder one a long time ago under Jarvis's watchful eye, but now the compression in cylinder four was giving him hell. The thought almost occurred to him that he simply didn't want this project to be finished, ever, and that he was only making up the problems as he went along. But the flitting idea vanished before he had fully noticed it and left it to its own machinations within his unconscious mind.

Vaguely Tony heard the incessant beeping noises of Pepper's pages over the intercom. He ignored that too as he worked. Nothing could really interrupt him when he was working on this project, short of a horrendous natural disaster. Or maybe Pepper coming in and turning his music down.

Jul. 1st, 2008


dear_mun 001

I realize...

I Am Iron Man

OOC || Background, Status, and Mun Info

This is Tony Stark. Also known as Iron Man. This Shellhead is post movieverse, beginning perhaps a few months after the final events in the movie itself. He is free to move about the multiverse at will once he gets sucked into the Nexus. He won't have information about various universes until he meets a person from said universe. (Unless it's a movie or book I deem very, very obvious to know about. And I'll still try not to break the fourth wall in case a certain mun finds that offensive to their character.)

If you want to play with my Tony, anyone is welcome. I don't care if it's movieverse, comicverse, not even Marvelverse, an OC or whathaveyou. Just leave a message or contact me on AIM or something. Let me know and we can set something up or just thread on one of his existing threads. (As long as it's not something blatantly set up for specific characters, or takes places in his personal universe, anyone can join any thread of his.) Just, you know... be smart.

Anyway, here's some basic information:

Player's Info.:

Name: Aisu
Contact: Gold Xlll at AIM (I suggest you c&p that)
Rules: Open for discussion? lol.

Character's Info.:

Name: Tony Stark
AKA: Iron Man

To be continued...